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:warning: The NUAA curriculum APIs have been deprecated, so this program DO NOT WORK for now. Please see this repo miaotony/NUAA_ClassSchedule for your alternative.

Export the curriculum of NUAA to a .ics calendar file, in order to import class events to other calendars (e.g. Google Calendar).

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Quick Start




Install NUAAiCal python package:

$ pip install NUAAiCal

If there has a problem caused by permission, please try pip install NUAAiCal --user instead.


Built it from source code:

$ git clone
$ cd NUAA-iCal-Python
$ python install

Start Application

$ nuaaical

The .ics file path will be shown in the output, you can import it to Google Calendar etc.


Command Not Found

nuaaical: command not found

Maybe your system PATH environment variable lacks of the value of ~/ .local/bin . Try the command following, then run nuaaical again:

$ export PATH=${HOME}/.local/bin:$PATH


  • Get course table data
  • Generate iCal file
  • Input Variables
  • Pack
  • Calendar Diff
  • GUI
  • Export to Google Calendar
  • WSGI server

This project is licensed by The MIT License.

Copyright © 2018 TripleZ


FOSSA Status

Nuaa Ical Python

:calendar: 根据南京航空航天大学的课程表生成 .ics 日历格式文件,以将课程事件导入其他日历软件(如 Google Calendar)。

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