NYU INFO 2335: Programming in Python & Fundamentals of Software Development (Summer 2019)


Today's businesses rely on application software to perform operations, aid decision-making, and drive competitive advantage. In this course, students will learn how to write practical business applications in the Python programming language. No prior programming experience is required. Students will also explore business models and best practices involved in the production and management of application software. Throughout the semester, students will be immersed in hands-on Python programming projects and should emerge with marketable technology skills.


Instructional Units

  • Unit 0: Onboarding
  • Unit 1: Software Products and Services
  • Unit 2: User Interfaces and Experiences (UI/UX)
  • Unit 3: Python Language Overview, and Processing Data in Memory
  • Unit 4: Datastores, and Processing CSV Data
  • Unit 4B (Optional Bonus Material): Dataviz and Business Analytics
  • Unit 5: Networks, and Processing Data from the Internet
  • Unit 6: Technology Management, and the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Unit 7: Software Delivery and Distribution
  • Unit 8: Software Maintenance and Quality Control

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Programming in Python & Fundamentals of Software Development - Summer 2019

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