1-wire1 slave device emulation library for MSP430 microcontrollers. Open project wiki


  • Up to 4 emulated devices on a single microcontroller
  • Interrupt-driven, uses low-power mode when idle
  • Easily extensible

Status & TODO

  • Basic protocol handling, reading/writing timeslots
  • Search ROM command
  • Match ROM command
  • 8-bit switch implementation (one-2408)
  • Extension API documentation


This library version was tested on MSP430G2553; it sholud work on similiar microconrollers from the same family.

Refer to this wiki page for schematics and further hardware-related info.

1 — 1-Wire is a trademark of Maxim Integrated.

Onewire Slave

1-wire slave emulation for MSP430 microcontrollers

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