Programming using phrases Mr.PoopyButHole Whould Say


Adds 2 and 5 and Displays The Result
oow oow eeo oow 
oow oow oow oow 
ooo oee oow eeo
woo wee oow oow
oow oow oow oow 
oow oow ooo oee 
oow oow oow oow 
oow oow eeo woo 
wee oee eee      


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To install, download the repo using:$ git clone
Add To Path using:$ export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/OooWee


$ Ooo filename.Wee


Command What it does
ooo Opens a loop BFE:"["
wee If the cell's value is 0, break the loop. Else, return to loop start BFE:"]"
eeo Moves the current cell one to the right BFE:">"
oee Moves the current cell one to the left BFE:"<"
oow Adds one to the cell's value BFE:"+"
woo Subtracts one from the cell's value BFE:"-"
eee Print ASCII Charecter of value of current cell BFE:"."
eew Read one Charecter and save the ASCII value to current cell BFE:","

PS: BFE ‣ Brain Fuck Eqiuvalent


Programming Language Containing Phrase OooWee and it's Variations, Inspired from the Rick&Morty charecter Mr.PoopyButhole

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