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This navigation site collects many open source projects during COVID-19. 10000+ people have contributed to projects in this list, which has attracted 10000+ stars.

这个导航网站统计了开源平台上抵抗新冠肺炎的项目,是一个连结各个开源项目的入口。 超过一万人参与了这个列表中的项目,并获得了超过一万颗星。

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Update shields It updates at every push. Two frequent pushes may cause failure as well, cause there is nothing changes for commiting.

  • china page summary: 54 projects, 42 repos, 21214 stars, 3806 forks
  • world page summary: 20 projects, 16 repos, 3603 stars, 1037 forks

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Open Source Covid 19

A global collection of Open Source projects during COVID-19

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