Oh My Fish official package repository

Primary package repository for the Oh My Fish Fish shell framework.

This repository contains a list of public Fish packages that can be installed by name using Oh My Fish. The goal of this repo is to maintain a discoverable index of quality Fish packages that can easily be maintained by the Fish community.

Repository format

Packages are referenced in the repository using property files located in the packages/ directory. The actual code of each package is stored in separate, individual Git repositories maintaned by the package mantainer themselves. This keeps control of the package in the owner's hands, but still allows easy sharing of the package.

The name of each property file indicates the package name, and the various properties in the file describe the package and how it can be installed. These are the properties currently used:

  • type: The type of package. Can be plugin or theme.
  • repository: A cloneable Git URL to the package source repository.
  • maintainer: The name and email of the maintainer of the package.
  • description: A short description of the package.

Submitting a package

Want to add your own package to the public repository? First, make a fork of this Git repository. Then create a package description file inside the packages/ directory. The file name should be the name of your package without any file extensions, and should contain at least these properties:

type = plugin
repository = YOUR-PACKAGE-URL
maintainer = YOUR-NAME <YOUR-EMAIL>

Be sure to use a cloneable Git URL for your package. If your package is a theme, use type = theme instead.

Once you've created and committed your package description file, open a pull request with your change, and the repository maintainers will review your submission and merge it in to the main repo.

Once your pull request is merged, your package will be immediately available for all users to install!

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Primary Oh My Fish package repository.

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