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High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies.

Support and Project Discussion:

How To (Server Admins)

Paperclip is a jar file that you can download and run just like a normal jar file.

Download Paper from our downloads page.

Run the Paperclip jar directly from your server. Just like old times

How To (Plugin Developers)

  • See our API patches here
  • See upcoming, pending, and recently added API here
  • Paper API javadocs here:
  • Maven Repo (for paper-api):
  • Artifact Information:

Or alternatively, with Gradle:

  • Repository:
    repositories {
     maven {
         url = uri("")

dependencies { compileOnly("io.papermc.paper:paper-api:1.18.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT") }

java { toolchain.languageVersion.set(JavaLanguageVersion.of(17)) }

How To (Compiling Jar From Source)
To compile Paper, you need JDK 17 and an internet connection.

Clone this repo, run `./gradlew applyPatches`, then `./gradlew createReobfBundlerJar` from your terminal. You can find the compiled jar in the project root's `build/libs` directory.

To get a full list of tasks, run `./gradlew tasks`.

How To (Pull Request)
See [Contributing](

Support Us
First of all, thank you for considering helping out, we really appreciate that!  

PaperMC has various recurring expenses, mostly related to infrastructure. Paper uses [Open Collective]( via the [Open Source Collective fiscal host]( to manage expenses. Open Collective allows us to be extremely transparent, so you can always see how your donations are used. You can read more about finanically supporting PaperMC [on our website](  

You can find our collective [here](, or you can donate via GitHub Sponsors [here](, which will also go towards the collective.

Special Thanks To:


[YourKit](, makers of the outstanding java profiler, support open source projects of all kinds with their full featured [Java]( and [.NET]( application profilers. We thank them for granting Paper an OSS license so that we can make our software the best it can be.

[<img src="" alt="" width="150">](

[JetBrains](, creators of the IntelliJ IDEA, supports Paper with one of their [Open Source Licenses]( IntelliJ IDEA is the recommended IDE for working with Paper, and most of the Paper team uses it.

All our sponsors!  
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High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies

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