Dex : The data explorer is a powerful tool for data science. It is written in Groovy and Java on top of JavaFX and offers the ability to:

  • Read in data from a variety of sources such files, programs and a variety of databases.
  • Transform the data in a powerful ways.
  • Apply powerful machine learning to the data via SMILE and R integration.
  • Visualize the data in over 50 distinct ways.
  • Output the data to a variety of databases and file formats.
  • Extend Dex from within via templates and internal scripting. Save the extensions to reuse later.

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  • Java 8


There are 2 main ways to install Dex.

  1. Install via Git by following the instructions below.
  2. Download a stable release

The packaged release tends to lag significantly behind the Git version.

Via Git


git clone


cd Dex
java -jar Dex.jar

Example Visualizations

The following are a small sample of the 50+ data visualizations Dex is capable of generating.

Ring Network

This visualization was created with Dex to visualize the relationships between Dr Who villans and motivations.


This visualization was created with Dex to visualize internet use across the world over the past 20 years.

Time Visualizations

This visualization depicts a small series over time.

This visualization depicts a more complex series over time.

Chord Visualizations

This visualization depicts relationships via a Chord diagram over time.

UML Visualizations

A Class Diagram of the various battles within the Game of Thrones.

A Sequence Diagram of the various battles within the Game of Thrones.

Network Visualizations

A large network comprised of every word spoken by Donald trump connected by the next word within the Iowa speech. This network visualization is founded on the high performance VivaGraph.

A vis.js visualization of the battles between the various houses within the Game of Thrones.


A vis.js timeline visualization of the sequence of events that lead up to, and occurred during World War I.

3D Graphs

A 3D graph of some data generated via Dex using a vis.js visual.


Dex : The Data Explorer -- A data visualization tool written in Java/Groovy/JavaFX capable of powerful ETL and publishing web visualizations.

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