PDF Help Desk

Where remediators come for advice from other remediators.


This is a resource for people repairing PDFs for accessibility from time to time to receive advice from those who fix them more often. I'm making this because it's about damn time that people know how to make an accessible PDF for once... It ain't rocket science.

Longer Bathroom Version

A common thread (har har) on listservs is for someone to ask a question, then another responds to it. Unfortunately, the next 10+ responses are discussing the validity of that response and the original poster never quite gets their solution. That sucks.

Remediating PDFs is even worse. No one seems to treat them like web content even though they're content found on the web, and therefore we get a bunch of wildly different advice on what to do. A lot of this advice seems to come from the companies that make the software that makes the PDFs or experts who regularly tell you that you should make something else instead. In any case, your answer never gets answered and you're stuck doing what your boss told you to do while the experts out there are being super unhelpful.

Therefore, I'm opening up the PDF Help Desk. If you've got a question, and you want it answered, post it here and we'll do what we can to answer it. I say "we" because anyone can answer the question. You'll know it's a worthy answer when you see it because Github provides a way for people to evaluate comments. With enough votes, the solution appears in the wiki so others can read what to do when they're looking for an answer.

Fine Print

  1. There are no stupid questions.
  2. You must at least post a screen shot, if you can't post the actual file. I've got a cognitive impairment, so I and millions of others who consider themselves visual learners will benefit from it. Just be sure to provide an alt text, or we'll talk about you behind your back at CSUN. Well, those that can afford it.
  3. Your answers are important even if you are wrong. If you learn something from this, the experience for end users will be that much better, trust me.
  4. Sarcasm is encouraged, but we're going to be following the Don't Be a Dick rule system for now. You'll know when you're in violation when the community gives you 😕 on your comments.
  5. I'm only managing this thing. I want this to be as open as possible. I'm just some autistic asshole that reads ISO 32000 for fun.


Where remediators come for advice from other remediators.

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