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======== pkgcheck ========


pkgcheck is developed alongside pkgcore_ and snakeoil_. Running pkgcheck from git will often require both pkgcore and snakeoil from git as well.

For releases, see the required runtime dependencies_.

There are also several optional runtime dependencies that add or extend check support in various ways if found on the host system including the following:

  • git_: supports historical queries for git-based repos and commit-related checks
  • requests_: supports various network-related checks
  • Gentoo-PerlMod-Version_: supports Perl package version checks


Installing latest pypi release::

pip install pkgcheck

Installing from git::

pip install https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcheck/archive/master.tar.gz

Installing from a tarball::

python setup.py install


Most users will use pkgcheck on the command line via pkgcheck scan to target ebuild repos. See the docs_ or the man page for more information on running pkgcheck.

It's also possible to run pkgcheck natively from python. For example, to output the results for a given ebuild repo:

.. code-block:: python

from pkgcheck import scan

for result in scan(['/path/to/ebuild/repo']):

This allows third party tools written in python to leverage pkgcheck's scanning functionality for purposes such as CI or VCS commit support.


A standalone test runner is integrated in setup.py; to run, just execute::

python setup.py test

In addition, a tox config is provided so the testsuite can be run in a virtualenv setup against all supported python versions. To run tests for all environments just execute tox in the root directory of a repo or unpacked tarball. Otherwise, for a specific python version execute something similar to the following::

tox -e py39

.. _pkgcore: https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcore .. _snakeoil: https://github.com/pkgcore/snakeoil .. _dependencies: https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcheck/blob/master/requirements/install.txt .. _git: https://git-scm.com/ .. _requests: https://pypi.org/project/requests/ .. _Gentoo-PerlMod-version: https://metacpan.org/release/Gentoo-PerlMod-Version .. _docs: https://pkgcore.github.io/pkgcheck/man/pkgcheck.html

.. |pypi| image:: https://img.shields.io/pypi/v/pkgcheck.svg :target: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pkgcheck .. |test| image:: https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcheck/workflows/test/badge.svg :target: https://github.com/pkgcore/pkgcheck/actions?query=workflow%3A%22test%22 .. |coverage| image:: https://codecov.io/gh/pkgcore/pkgcheck/branch/master/graph/badge.svg :target: https://codecov.io/gh/pkgcore/pkgcheck


pkgcore-based QA utility for ebuild repos

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