KDE plasma themes

Plasma look and feel themes i made overtime (good times)

included themes

  • Aex Nomad
  • Aex Nomad Dark
  • Breese No Shadow antu
  • Breeze Transparent Nomad
  • Material Ocean


From AUR:

  • yaourt -S madkitas-plasma5-themes.git

From Source

  • git clone https://github.com/Blacksuan19/Plasma-Themes.git
  • cd Plasma-Themes
  • sh install.sh and select your desired theme


Click on the theme folder (it doesn't bite ya know)


licensed under GNU's GPL 3, see LICENSE for more info

  • nomad project for panel icons.
  • phob1an for original Aex theme.
  • omni for AUR packaging.

Plasma Themes

KDE plasma themes

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