A tiny glamorous implementation for preact

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The current size of preact-glam/dist/preact-glam.umd.min.js is:

gzip size

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SIZE: Because preact-glam depends on glamor, you should consider the full size you'll be adding to your application if you don't already have glamor.


This project uses node and npm. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed.

$ yarn add preact-glam

Then with a module bundler like rollup or webpack, use as you would anything else:

// using ES6 modules
import glam from 'preact-glam'

// using CommonJS modules
var glam = require('preact-glam')

The UMD build is also available on unpkg:

<script src=""></script>

You can find the library on window.preactGlam.


Please refer to glamorous-tiny.

It should support all the features supported by glamorous-tiny (with the exception of theming support).


$ yarn run test

MIT License © Alessandro Arnodo

Preact Glam

A tiny glamorous version for preact

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