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Prismatica is a modular C2 Interface hooked into the Diagon Command and Control Toolkit. There are multiple tools and components of the Prismatica Marketplace. All Prism Apps are built around the Emergence Fabric. To get started begin with Emergence

Prismatica Application Marketplace

  • Diagon A Command and Control Toolkit
  • Emergence A Command and Control Toolkit
  • Oculus A Command and Control Toolkit
  • Prism Launcher The package manager for Prism Apps (Releasing at WWHF)
  • Prism Project Manager Project management, findigns, and reporting tool (Releasing at WWHF)
  • Acheron Acheron is a RESTful vulnerability assessment and management framework built around search and dedicated to terminal extensibility.
  • Tiberium A Command and Control scanning tool

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Responsive Command and Control System

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