A directory of Progressive Web App case studies.




This site is built with Eleventy.

Quick start

This project relies on Node, and npm. Before following these steps you'll need to install node and npm if you haven't already.


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd into the directory.
  3. Run npm ci to install dependencies.

For local development:

npm start

This will compile the site into the _site directory and run a local file server where you can preview the site: http://localhost:8080

For a single build:

npm run build

Fetching an icon for a PWA

npm run fetch-icon

This will ask you for the PWA url and the directory to download to. It will fetch the icon from the app's manifest.json.

Resizing icons

To resize all the PWA icons in images:

  1. Run npm install to install the dependencies
  2. Run npm run resize-images to automatically generate optimized 1x and 2x versions of the images


A directory of Progressive Web App case studies.

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