A simple app for the PWA Workshop


  1. Latest stable versions of node, npm installed.
  2. Static web server with SPA support:
  • serve. Recommended and pre-configured.
  • superstatic. Use this as a fallback option.


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone [email protected]:webmaxru/pwatter.git
  2. Make sure you are on "workbox" branch:

    git checkout workbox
  3. Install dependencies:

    npm install
  4. Install "serve" dev webserver:

    npm install serve -g
  5. Run the server inside "pwatter" directory:

  6. Install Workbox CLI:

    npm install workbox-cli --global
  7. Open the browser:


    You should see the page with PWAtter header.

We are ready to start the workshop! Follow the trainer instructions.

If for some reasons global npm package installation is not an option for you, you can install and run "serve" locally:

npm install serve


Angular Progressive Web App using Workbox

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