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The purpose of QuantBox is to be a easy to use, all in one microservices based platform for cryptocurrency traders, think of it as Coinigy x TradingView x Haasbot x MetaTrader.

With QuantBox the aim is to be able to do anything you want from setting up your trading desk exactly how you want to automating your existing strategy without writing a line of code.

Getting Started

Step 1. Open the project in VS and run Docker Compose or run "docker compose up" in a terminal.
Step 2. Run "npm start" from the Frontend folder
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit!


There's many plans for this and some are sure to get dropped and some will be added, suggestions are welcome!
NOTE: Most of this hasn't been made*** (e.g. Multiple dashboards) *or is a naive implementation** (e.g. Sentiment Analysis)


  • Create as many dashboards as you want
  • Dashboards done your way with draggable, resizable widgets
  • Customize your color scheme, save your layouts


The aim is to have a Kano-esque puzzle system to help build bots, everyone loves puzzles. Imagine this but with bot stuff.
(Image is taken from a Kano activity)
Kano Image

Sentiment Analysis!

Sentiment Analysis is useful for manual or automated trading but it's hard, for the time being I'm utilizing the Vader library but a more trading-focused AI based classifier is in the works.

  • Twitter support (Only one working)
  • Facebook support
  • Intagram support (Who knows, it could be cool!)
  • Reddit support
  • Quora support
  • LinkedIn support
  • Suggest some more!


  • Triangle arbitrage (Single exchange and inter-exchange)
  • Two-way arbitrage
  • Configurable blockchain and/or exchange fee calculation
  • Time-per-loop calculation
  • API-less exchange support (Exchanges without an API are much more likely to allow arbitrage!)

Portfolio Tracking!

Lots of pretty charts, I promise.

  • Calculate PNL based off:
    • Trade and price history on all exchanges
    • On individual exchanges
    • For individual coins
    • A mix of anything in between
  • Tax calculations (Tax is hard and I'm not an accountant, don't take this as financial advice etc.)
  • Stats! Stats! Stats!
  • Maybe portfolio management (e.g. Automatic re-balancing)

Exchange Support

Supporting a million exchanges isn't very high on the list right now but I'll work on requested exchanges as a priority.

Exchange Price Data Authentication Arbitrage Portfolio
Binance Yes In-Progress No No
BtcMarkets Yes In-Progress No No
KuCoin In-Progress In-Progress No No
Coinjar Yes In-Progress No No


All in one cryptocurrency trading platform.

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