Push Notification service for anime episodes and news.

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  • Sub and dub - get notified with latest anime episodes on the internet.
  • Ongoing and upcoming - get notified with latest episode for ongoing series or first episodes of upcoming shows.
  • Chinese series - this app also gets you notified with them too.
  • News - anime and manga news updates.
  • Follow/unfollow - follow or unfollow specific series or news site to get notified.
  • MyAnimeList integration - if you are a MAL user, this app will make it convenient for you to track episodes.

Why this app?

There are two types of episode updates. Japan TV schedule and actual episode uploads on the internet. This app do the latter.

  • Japan TV schedule - most apps out there do this one. I've been there. I used them and they're not really helpful. I get an episode notification but it's Japan TV schedule and not actual availability on the internet.
  • Actual episodes uploads - with this app, you get updates based on actual episodes being uploaded on the internet.

The target users of this app are those anime fans not living in Japan. And that is most of us, I'm pretty sure :)

This app is inspired by r/anime Subreddit's Episode BOT - this bot gets update from legal sites and anime torrent sites.


  • This app is not a streaming service. You can't watch anime in here. This is just for quick updates.
  • The app does not tell you what website you can find an episode. But instead you can browse list of legal streaming sites from the app.
  • This app's server gets an update from a certain pirate site for episode updates but the app itself does not pirate any content.
  • Only the mobile app is open-source (for now). The backend server is currently closed-source.


Visit the contributing guide to set up the project.

This app is made with Flutter.


If you're using the app and liking it so far. Consider supporting the developer by donating from the mobile app through google play in-app purchase. It's a $1 per month subscription.

By donating, you'll receive push notifications 15 minutes earlier. Non-supporter have 15 minutes delay for push notifications.

There's also a posibility for me to build and publish an iOS version if donations go well. This app's source code is cross-platform.

Quantz App

Push Notification service for anime episodes and news. The episode updates will be based on actual upload on the internet and NOT Japan tv schedule as other apps do.

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