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Radius Server.

Distributed Radius-server to do authentication+accounting.

Some of the motivations for writing this server:

  • Wanted 5min interval graphs of traffic usage
  • FreeRADIUS felt overly complex/forced me into a SQL structure I didn't like
  • Loved a good challenge

Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

Implemented RFCs:

This daemon uses MariaDB/MySQL to store it's data and the SQL-file can be found in the /db dir.


Why is it distributed?

Because if MySQL is replicated this daemon shares it state with other radiusd-instances (as everything is administrated in MySQL)

To protect yourself against racing conditions between nodes it's adviced to use a replication method like Galera Cluster.

Run test/

radclient is part of the freeradius project

brew install freeradius-server


No, still testing.

RadiusD is only being tested against Mikrotik their RouterOS.

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Distributed Radius-server to do authentication+accounting.

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