Rancher Upgrader

Easy upgrade, rollback and finiish upgrade in your rancher cluster.


Add a new task, select Rancher Upgrader from the Deploy category and configure it as needed.


  • Rancher Upgrader Service
  • Rancher Rollback Last Upgrade
  • Rancher Finish Last Upgrade
  • Rancher Get Current Version

Env Var Ouput:

For task Rancher Get Current Version:


Parameters include:

Rancher Upgrader Parameters

  • Service API Url: Ranchel API URL to service. e.g. http://rancher.mycompany.com:8080/v2-beta/projects/{projectId}}/services/{serviceId}
  • Access Key: Access Key generated in Rancher ('API' > 'Keys')
  • Secret Key: Secret Key generated in Rancher ('API' > 'Keys')
  • Force Finish: Force finish before upgrade, if last upgrade is pending
  • Wait Complete: Wait upgrade and new services up
  • Image: Image slug name or full address. e.g. docker.azurecr.io/xxx/my-image
  • Tag: New tag. e.g. 'master-20190701.1', '1.5.3' or 'latest'
  • Install Docker: This task needs docker to work, if you haven't it installed, check this box. Works only with linux
  • Environment Vars Prefix: Import all env vars with this prefix to container
  • Additional Environment Vars: Import this env vars to container

Release notes

New in 1.1.4

  • Add env vars by prefix;
  • Add env vars by name;
  • Add option to install docker (only linux)

New in 1.0.18

  • Fix get current version task output;
  • Add docs for env vars output;

New in 1.0.17

  • Add get current version task;

New in 1.0.16

  • First version with basic commands;
  • Upgrade service;
  • Rollback last upgrade;
  • Finish last upgrade;
  • Change image or tag;
  • Force finish before upgrade;
  • Wait results to continue tasks (success) or abort (fails);

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Rancher Vss Ext

Rancher Upgrader! - Upgrade, rollback and finish upgrade from Azure DevOps Pipelines

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