NRU RANEPA (Timetable)

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Custom crossplatform open-source NRU RANEPA mobile client written on Flutter.


  • iOS today extension and android app widget
  • Platform adaptive design (using CupertinoApp & MaterialApp)
  • Caching support
  • Multicolor themes with dark & light app appearance
  • Multiple site api's support
  • Fully internationalization
  • Customizable timetable app design
  • Cool intro screen
  • iOS & Android calendar integration
  • Android alarm clock integration

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Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

Project setup


  1. Create to /android with:
storePassword=# STORE PASSWORD #
keyPassword=# KEY PASSWORD #
keyAlias=# KEY ALIAS #
storeFile=/path/to/keystore/# FILENAME #.keystore


  1. Get carthage deps in /ios folder
    cd ios
    carthage update --platform iOS

References, used in the development

Localization flutter app

Icons for IOS/Android versions for Flutter app

Useful commands

Regenerate .arb translations files

flutter pub pub run intl_translation:extract_to_arb --output-dir=lib/l10n lib/localizations.dart

Regenerate translations classes

flutter pub pub run intl_translation:generate_from_arb --output-dir=lib/l10n --no-use-deferred-loading lib/localizations.dart lib/l10n/intl_messages.arb lib/l10n/intl_ru.arb

Regenerate icons

flutter pub pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

Regenerate all json serialized .g.dart files

flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs


Custom RANEPA mobile client on Flutter

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