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Supported windows servers: from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008/2012 and even Windows Server 2016

This tool can detect successful user login (not just checking user/pass)

Made for authorization checking on plenty number of RDP servers.
Its not too fast to be used as RDP brute tool, but its very accurate and reliable on checking already cracked RDP's :)

Notice: This tool has the opportunity to become a RDP cracker by implementing multi threading.

Depends on AxInterop.MSTSCLib and Interop.MSTSCLib


  1. Create a text file contained RDP's inormation in following format per line.
    [Ip Address]:[port]@[Machine name]\[Username];[Password]

example:[email protected]\administrator;root

2. Open up the app and click load then start and wait...<br/>
#### Notice: LoggedIn RDP's goes into a file named good.txt beside executable app file.
Notice: The input format is designed to load output of some other rdp crackers that i dont wanna name them here :), but you can easily impelement your own!<br/>
#### Contribution's gladly accepted Xx


Stable and reliable RDP checker

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