React Animated Weather

Animated weather component for React inspired by Skycons :sunny:

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React Animated Weather


React Animated Weather is available as a node package. Get it via yarn or npm:

yarn add react-animated-weather


npm install react-animated-weather

If using npm < 5, you might want to save to your package.json:

npm install --save react-animated-weather

react-animated-weather also has peer dependencies on react, react-dom and prop-types.


Import the ReactAnimatedWeather component:

import ReactAnimatedWeather from 'react-animated-weather';

Sample usage:

import React from 'react';
import ReactAnimatedWeather from 'react-animated-weather';

const defaults = {
  icon: 'CLEAR_DAY',
  color: 'goldenrod',
  size: 512,
  animate: true

const App = () => (

export default App;


  • icon: Takes a string to display the corresponding icon out of the following

    • CLOUDY
    • RAIN
    • SLEET
    • SNOW
    • WIND
    • FOG
  • color: Pass a color value or hex code to color the weather component, if not passed, by default black is picked

  • size: Pass a number to size the weather component in pixels, if not passed, by default 64 is set as the size

  • animate: Pass a boolean value, if true (by default), the weather component will animate and if false, the weather component will remain static without any animation

Here are the default props used by ReactAnimatedWeather component:

ReactAnimatedWeather.defaultProps = {
  animate: true,
  size: 64,
  color: 'black'

ReactAnimatedWeather.propTypes = {
  icon: PropTypes.oneOf([
  animate: PropTypes.bool,
  size: PropTypes.number,
  color: PropTypes.string


I've added a storybook for the component since it has a small number of props and the storybook interface is quite good for testing out the component. You can fire up the storybook by running:

yarn storybook


npm run storybook


I got inspired to write this component from darkskyapp's Skycons. It makes use of the <canvas> element to render beautiful animated weather components.

Working with <canvas> in virtual DOM is a bit tricky. ReactAnimatedWeather uses a ref to refer to the DOM holding the <canvas> element and render the weather component on componentDidMount().

If you've found any bugs, please open an issue on github.

React Animated Weather

Animated weather component for React inspired by Skycons :sunny:

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