Guide lines and magnetic adsorption to better align draggable elements.

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Examples available here:



npm install react-dragline --save


yarn add install react-dragline

If you aren't using browserify/webpack, a UMD version of react-dragline is available. It expects external React and ReactDOM.


import { DraggableContainer, DraggableChild } from 'react-dragline'

class Example extends React.Component {
  state = [
    { id: 1, position: {x: 100, y: 10} },
    { id: 2, position: {x: 400, y: 200} },

  render() {
    const containerStyle = {
      height: 600,
      position: 'relative',

    return (
      <DraggableContainer style={containerStyle}>
{ id, position }, index) => {
            const style = {
              width: 100,
              height: 100,
              cursor: 'move',
              background: '#8ce8df',

            return (
              <DraggableChild key={id} defaultPosition={position}>
                <div style={style} />

ReactDOM.render(<Example />, container)

Prop Types

Property Type Default Description
Container String/Element 'div' The DraggableContainer will be rendered as a HTML tag or the React Component you specify
threshold Number 5 The max distance of between others and the dragging element triggering magnetic adsorption
directions Array ['tt', 'bb', 'll', 'rr', 'tb', 'lr' ] The directions you want. tt indicate the guide line will show when a element aligned with the top of the dragging element.
activeClassName String 'active' if you want to add class name for the element aligned with one you drag, use it.
lineStyle Object {} You can customize the style of auxiliary line by this option
limit String true Whether to restricts movement within the container


  1. Fork, then clone the project.
  2. Run the project in development mode: $ yarn start.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Lint the code: $ yarn lint
  5. Make sure that the tests still pass:$ yarn test
  6. Commit and PR.

React Dragline

:panda_face:Guide lines and magnetic adsorption to better align draggable elements in React.

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