A React component to crop images/videos with easy interactions

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Check out the examples:


  • Supports drag, zoom and rotate interactions
  • Provides crop dimensions as pixels and percentages
  • Supports any images format (JPEG, PNG, even GIF) as url or base 64 string
  • Supports any videos format supported in HTML5
  • Mobile friendly


yarn add react-easy-crop


npm install react-easy-crop --save

Basic usage

The Cropper is styled with position: absolute to take the full space of its parent. Thus, you need to wrap it with an element that uses position: relative or the Cropper will fill the whole page.

import Cropper from 'react-easy-crop'

class App extends React.Component {
  state = {
    image: 'your-image-url or as base64',
    crop: { x: 0, y: 0 },
    zoom: 1,
    aspect: 4 / 3,

  onCropChange = crop => {
    this.setState({ crop })

  onCropComplete = (croppedArea, croppedAreaPixels) => {
    console.log(croppedArea, croppedAreaPixels)

  onZoomChange = zoom => {
    this.setState({ zoom })

  render() {
    return (


This component requires some styles to be available in the document. By default, you don't need to do anything, the component will automatically inject the required styles in the document head. If you want to disable this behaviour and manually inject the CSS, you can set the disableAutomaticStylesInjection prop to true and use the file available in the package: react-easy-crop/react-easy-crop.css.


Prop Type Required Description
image string The image to be cropped. image or video is required.
video string The video to be cropped. image or video is required.
crop { x: number, y: number } ✓ Position of the media. { x: 0, y: 0 } will center the media under the cropper.
zoom number Zoom of the media between minZoom and maxZoom. Defaults to 1.
rotation number (in degrees) Rotation of the media. Defaults to 0.
aspect number Aspect of the cropper. The value is the ratio between its width and its height. The default value is 4/3
minZoom number Minimum zoom of the media. Defaults to 1.
maxZoom number Maximum zoom of the media. Defaults to 3.
zoomWithScroll boolean Enable zoom by scrolling. Defaults to true
cropShape 'rect' | 'round' Shape of the crop area. Defaults to 'rect'.
cropSize { width: number, height: number } Size of the crop area (in pixels). If you don't provide it, it will be computed automatically using the aspect prop and the media size.
showGrid boolean Whether to show or not the grid (third-lines). Defaults to true.
zoomSpeed number Multiplies the value by which the zoom changes. Defaults to 1.
onCropChange crop => void ✓ Called everytime the crop is changed. Use it to update your crop state.
onZoomChange zoom => void Called everytime the zoom is changed. Use it to update your zoom state.
onRotationChange rotation => void Called everytime the rotation is changed (with mobile gestures). Use it to update your rotation state.
onCropSizeChange cropSize => void Called when a change in either the cropSize width or the cropSize height occurs.
onCropComplete Function Called when the user stops moving the media or stops zooming. It will be passed the corresponding cropped area on the media in percentages and pixels
transform string CSS transform to apply to the image in the editor. Defaults to translate(${crop.x}px, ${crop.y}px) rotate(${rotation}deg) scale(${zoom}) with variables being pulled from props.
style { containerStyle: object, mediaStyle: object, cropAreaStyle: object } Custom styles to be used with the Cropper. Styles passed via the style prop are merged with the defaults.
classes { containerClassName: string, mediaClassName: string, cropAreaClassName: string } Custom class names to be used with the Cropper. Classes passed via the classes prop are merged with the defaults. If you have CSS specificity issues, you should probably use the disableAutomaticStylesInjection prop.
mediaProps object The properties you want to apply to the media tag ( or
restrictPosition boolean Whether the position of the media should be restricted to the boundaries of the cropper. Useful setting in case of zoom < 1 or if the cropper should preserve all media content while forcing a specific aspect ratio for media throughout the application. Example:
initialCroppedAreaPixels { width: number, height: number, x: number, y: number} Use this to set the initial crop position/zoom of the cropper (for example, when editing a previously cropped media). The value should be the same as the croppedAreaPixels passed to onCropComplete Example:
onInteractionStart Function Called everytime a user starts a wheel, touch or mousedown event.
onInteractionEnd Function Called everytime a user ends a wheel, touch or mousedown event.
onMediaLoaded Function Called when media gets loaded. Gets passed an mediaSize object like { width, height, naturalWidth, naturalHeight }
disableAutomaticStylesInjection boolean Whether to auto inject styles using a style tag in the document head on component mount. When disabled you need to import the css file into your application manually (style file is available in react-easy-crop/react-easy-crop.css). Example with sass/scss @import "~react-easy-crop/react-easy-crop";.

onCropComplete(croppedArea, croppedAreaPixels)

This callback is the one you should use to save the cropped area of the media. It's passed 2 arguments:

  1. croppedArea: coordinates and dimensions of the cropped area in percentage of the media dimension
  2. croppedAreaPixels: coordinates and dimensions of the cropped area in pixels.

Both arguments have the following shape:

const area = {
  x: number, // x/y are the coordinates of the top/left corner of the cropped area
  y: number,
  width: number, // width of the cropped area
  height: number, // height of the cropped area


Called when media gets successfully loaded. This is useful if you want to have a custom zoom/crop strategy based on media size.



const CroppedImage = ({ image }) => {
  const [crop, onCropChange] = React.useState({ x: 0, y: 0 })
  const [zoom, onZoomChange] = React.useState(1)
  return (
      onMediaLoaded={mediaSize => {
        // Adapt zoom based on media size to fit max height
        onZoomChange(CONTAINER_HEIGHT / mediaSize.naturalHeight)


yarn start

Now, open http://localhost:3001/index.html and start hacking!




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React Easy Crop

A React component to crop images/videos with easy interactions

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