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This is a cross-platform (Android and iOS) audio library for React Native. Both audio playback and recording is supported. In addition to basic functionality, many useful features are implemented such as seeking, looping and streaming audio files over the network.

An example how to use this library is included in the ExampleApp directory. The demo showcases most of the functionality that is available, with documentation under docs. In the simplest case, playing media is as easy as:

new Player('filename.mp4').play();

and recording media to filename.mp4 similarly

new Recorder(โ€˜filename.mp4โ€™).record();

How to get this stuff running?

  • For a quick test drive, check out the demo application
  • Include the library in your project


  • Find the API documentation here
  • Examples on playback from various media sources
  • Notes on developing the library itself
  • Rough state diagram of the Player
  • View the changelog


All JavaScript, Android and iOS code licensed under MIT license, see LICENSE file. Some of the files are from React Native templates and are licensed accordingly.

React Native Audio Toolkit

Cross-platform audio library for React Native

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