React (SSR) Advanced Seed

  • NestJS + React (SSR) + React Native + REST / GraphQL
  • Service workers Integration (Offline First - Push Notifications - PWA)
  • NGINX - Reverse proxy integration to route to multiple api's via same origin (Docker links)
  • Dockerized Containers for frontend and backend using docker compose
  • Babel 7, Webpack 4, Eslint 5, Typescript, Prettier, Jest 24 integration with HMR for both web and mobile (React Native - metro)
  • Fastlane integration for mobile (React Native) to deploy to Testflight / Appstore (iOS) and PlayStore / Internal test track (Android) using Continous Integration (Eg: Azure, Jenkins, Bitrise, etc).

(Work In Progress)

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npm version dependencies dev-dependencies


Generic Architecture

Generic UI Architecture

Getting Started

npm install

npm start (This will start both frontend and backend servers for you)

- http://localhost:8500 (FrontEnd with HMR)
- http://localhost:3000 (Backend running NestJS)
- http://localhost:3000/graphql (Graphql server running graphQL playground theme)
- http://localhost:3000/swagger (running Swagger UI)

Production Build with docker compose (Client and Server) (Frontend, Backend and Postgres)

npm run build

Visit: http://localhost:8080

Mobile Build

npm run install:mobile (Install mobile dependencies)

Packager: npm run start:mobile

ios: npm run mobile:ios
android: npm run mobile:android

Kubernetes Deployment

kubectl create -f deployment.yml

DockerHub Image


docker run -d -v /root/.ssh/ -v /opt/node-advanced-app vipgit/react-ssr-nginx:latest

Testing (Unit and End to End Testing)

npm run test (Runs Backend Unit Tests)
npm run test:frontend (Runs Frontend Unit Tests)
npm run test:e2e (Runs Frontend End to End Tests)

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React Ssr Advanced Seed

React SSR Advanced Seed (nestJS + React SSR + React Native + Docker)

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