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R.I.P. e-hentai & exhentai

Thank you for company with us in every lonely night... (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

It protecc

It attacc

but most important...

It is bacc


Since I have lost the interest in developing mobile apps and decided to stop using smart-device in the future after my current one went malfunction. This repo is now considered an abandoned repo, which means I may not update this anymore.

However, If you have any interest to continue to develop this app, feel free to fork this repo, develop and publish the app without my permission. Furthermore, you can feel free to email me to ask any questions and the detail about the existed code. The only thing you need to do is follow the LICENSE and don't be a dick.

A remake version of my pervious E-/Exhentai reader, for both iOS and Android devices.

Currently UI are using T.Chinese, this app is unfinished.


  1. Since both E-hentai and Exhentai are the adult sites. Please DON'T run this code/app if you're under 18 (or the restricted age of your country)

  2. Official E-hentai and Exhentai have no any relationship of this mobile app.


  1. "Browse" the galleries of E-/Exhentai.
  2. "Search" the galleries by keywords and tags so that you can avoid some minefield
  3. "Like" a gallery so that you can read it when you want to
  4. "Download" a gallery so that you can read it when your device was offline

Not Features

  1. Avoid you to become a fully weaboo
  2. Avoid your mind became dirty
  3. Automatically lock your room door when you doing your "self business"
  4. Provide a life time supply of lotion
  5. Help you get a girl/boy friend


  • Basic UI
    • Privacy overlay
    • Completed UI
  • Parse to get the gallery list
    • Get the gallery metadata
    • Show the info of each gallery
    • Load more than one page of gallery list
  • Parse the image gallery
    • Place the image into a image viewer
    • etc.
  • Implement the "Like" function
  • Implement the "Search" function
  • Implement the "Download" function
  • Login to Exhentai
  • Remove trash code
  • Improve performance
  • Test on physical devices
    • Test on iOS devices
    • Test on Android devices
  • More localized support
  • etc.


An E-/Exhentai reader, for both iOS and Android devices.

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