RFC Tracking

Repo for issues to track progress of accepted Ember RFCs

For each merged RFC a tracking issue is opened. It is assigned to the champion(s) of the RFC. Also available to view in a project.

Each RFC needs to be planned by each team. For an example of a planned RFC, see https://github.com/emberjs/rfc-tracking/issues/3 Please use checklists to enable the progress bar.

Each team may wish to amend the template for their second (listing expected areas to consider, for example).

Champion Tips

  • Follow the checklists on the RFC repo https://github.com/emberjs/rfcs#champion-responsibilities
  • Assign yourself to the tracking issue
  • Add labels to the tracking issue. Edition, relevant team(s) as specified in the RFC
  • Ensure each team considers & plan the RFC, adding tasks & issues to the tracking issue
  • Update the tracking issue regularly
  • Make sure the tracking issue is formatted correctly (checkboxes for each task) to gain progress bars
  • Update the project board https://github.com/orgs/emberjs/projects/3 when the RFC enters a new stage

Rfc Tracking

Track the progress of merged RFCs from https://github.com/emberjs/rfcs

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