RN Chat

Chat app made with React Native, NativeBase, Apollo Hooks and Sequelize.


  • JWT auth with email and password strategy
  • Users, Groups, Chats, Profile, Login, Register, Group Details screens
  • Users/Friends, Public/Private Groups, All Users/Group Users tabs, Drawer, Toasts
  • queries for users, friends, chats, public and private groups
  • create, edit, delete group, add, remove user from group mutations with cache updates
  • add, remove friend mutations with cache updates
  • refetching on the Users, Groups and Chats screens
  • message in chat added, group added and message in group added subscriptions
  • cursor Relay pagination on the Users list
  • Sequelize User, Group, Chat, Message models
  • GroupUser, ChatUser, BannedGroupUser, Friends m:n relations
  • Messages-User, Messages-Chat n:1 relations
  • database seed

Libraries used

  • React Native 0.61 with React Hooks, NativeBase
  • React Navigation 4.0, Redux, Redux Thunk
  • Apollo Client, Apollo Server
  • Sequelize, PostgreSQL
  • Formik, Faker, React Native Gifted Chat

Installation and running


  • cd server and npm install to install the dependecies
  • set database connection in the server/src/data/connectors.js for example new Sequelize('postgres://dbuser:[email protected]:5432/chat',...
  • uncomment db.sync({ force: true }).then(async () => await seed()).catch(error => console.log(error)); in the server/src/data/connectors.js to seed the database
  • npm run start http server and GraphQL playground wil be loaded on http://localhost:5000 and subscriptions on the ws://localhost/graphql


  • cd client and yarn install to install the dependecies
  • set the server url in the client/src/App.js for example const uri = ''; or const uri = '';
  • yarn run android to run React Native client on the running Android emulator
  • login with the [email protected], 123456


Database ER diagram

Rn Chat

Chat app made with React Native, NativeBase, Apollo Hooks and Sequelize.

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