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About Routine

Create, configure and manage projects through the projects graphical user interface.

This awesome tool allows developers to graphically create a new project, live monitor app performance, add templates to project, and more. This is a pretty big deal, as getting familiar with this tool can make spinning up and maintaining any type of application.

What problem does this solve?

I created Routine because I made lots of projects in javascript and php , I realized I was doing the same set up work every time and so with Routine I can configure a basic file with .yml extension and upload it as template so I can use it the next time.

Advantages and use cases

  • Manage your local projects
  • Configure your application without messing up the config files
  • Install templates
  • ...


You can install it using the installers below :

Distributions available for Linux, macOS, Windows.

git clone

Move to the appropriate directory: cd <YOUR_PROJECT_NAME>.

Run npm run routine in order to start Routine project.

Now you can go to localhost:8080 and see your app!

Starting the Routine Project

To start the Routine CLI 1.0 GUI, run one of the following commands depending on your previously used installation path:

npm run hello-routine

Supported Templates


Routine has a few requirements you should be aware of before installing:


We encourage you to contribute to Routine! Please check out the Contributing to Routine guide for guidelines about how to proceed.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


The Routine project is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.


🐹 Create, develop and manage your projects through an accompanying graphical user interface.πŸŽ‰

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