RSS for the rest of us.

This is an RSS Reader built for the rest of us. Simple and easy to use, it's like Netflix for your feeds using the new JSON format. XML is dead. Long live RSS.

About this application

It's running on and we automatically deploy changes to master into production. We built it in an afternoon as a diversion from our regular responsibilities. Turns out, it's kinda cool.

How to hack on it yourself

RSS FTROU is built on Laravel. To get started, clone (or fork) the repo for follow these steps:

  • Copy the .env.example file to .env and set appropriate database settings
  • Run composer install
  • Run yarn && yarn run dev
  • Hack away!


Thank you for considering contributing! We'll accept Pull Requests for features, just make sure they're easy to test. That's it, no need to make this any more complicated.


RSS For the Rest of US is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Rss For The Rest Of Us

A simple RSS reader built on Laravel. For the rest of us.

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