Ruby Scripts

A collection of ruby scripts for those who live in the command line.

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Install / Setup

Install all the scripts easily as a ruby gem

gem install jake-scripts

Stock Search - Returns current stock information


Cryptocurrency Search - Returns current cryptocurrency price information

Uses the CryptoCompare API for current price information


Weather Search - Returns current weather information based on IP

Uses the APIXU weather api for data based on IP.

Can also have a city passed as an argument to override the IP location.

weather dallas


Movie Search - Uses OMDB API to return movie data

Uses the OMDB API.


Currency Exchange - Returns converted currency based on realtime exchange rates

Uses for exchange data.

Uses Ruby Money for conversion accuracy + currency symbols


API Keys

Users now have the option to set their own API keys through environment variables thanks to sethkrasnianski

export OMDBAPI_API_KEY=key
export APIXU_API_KEY=key

Gems Used

  • Ruby Money - Ruby gem for accurate currency management
  • Monetize - Ruby gem for money object creation
  • Colorize - Ruby gem for text and background CLI colors

FAQ / Contact

  • If you run into any issues, please open an issue ASAP and we'll work to get it resolved and merged.
  • All Programs are fully functional, with live API keys baked in.
  • Terminal used is Hyper.js -> Background Color: #292937
  • Using Oh-My-Zsh, Robby Russell theme, zsh-syntax-highlighting, and zsh_autosuggestions

Ruby Scripts

A collection of ruby scripts for those who live in the command line

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