gitlit is a very simple desktop app that allows you to handle git lfs file locks.

gitlit main window


Just go to releases and download the version for your platform.


gitlit takes one command line argument: the git repository directory on your filesystem you want to handle the locks for.

So if you want to look at the locked files on the /home/s2/myApp directory, run gitlit like this:

gitlit /home/s2/myApp

If no folder is specified, gitlit looks at the current path.

You can also drag&drop a folder inside the main window.


The code is very easy. Just clone the repo and have look! Use the .eslintrc.json for formatting the code and keep it clean and consistent.

There are just some js libraries:

  • ejs is used for templating. The templates are in app/js/templates.js.
  • sorttable.js to sort the table containing the files.
  • jQuery, because it's still cool to have it, even if everyone says it's dead and we should do without.
  • Bootstrap for the layout
  • PNotify for generic notifications

run the app

npm install
npm start

make a release

npm install
npm run dist


Since version 2.0.1 the app auto updates itself using the github-app-updater.




A gui for Git LFS file locks

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