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What is SAVE?

SAVE - is an eco-system for measuring, testing and certification of static code analyzers. Instead of writing your test framework SAVE will provide you a command line application with a test sets for the language that you are developing analyzer for. It provides you also a service that can be used to determine the readiness of your tool. SAVE has a committee of static analysis experts that regularly updates tests and discuss the best practices for particular programming languages.

How it looks like from the high-level perspective?

SAVE processing

What is SAVE Cloud?

SAVE Cloud is a service for executing tests using the SAVE tool. You can provide a link to a git repository with a project, configured to run SAVE. These tests will then be executed server-side, providing you access to execution results, statistics and logs.

How it looks like for a user?

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To build the project and run all tests, execute ./gradlew build. For more detailed instructions, including deployment instructions, see save-deploy/

Architecture and design

Save Cloud

Cluster-based cloud mechanism for running SAVE framework and test diktat

Save Cloud Info

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