A Simple Extended helper functions for Laravel. Supports v5.3+ (also v5.5). Tricks that will optimize you development.

Open For Suggestions on more Tricks/Helper Functions that Laravel does not provides by default. Give your suggestions using Issue Tracking feature of GitHub and I will do my best to add them.

Upgrade Guide

To v2.3.1

  • Update your published config\trickster.php according to the project's updated config\trickster.php.
    • Update your Google Finance API URL, check the config/trickster.php configuration file.

      Tricksterโ€™s Tricks

    1. Truncator
    2. Email Validator
    3. Slug Converter
    4. YouTube Embed
    5. Gravatar Grabber
    6. Extension Splitter
    7. Simple Social Analytics
    8. BB Code Engine
    9. Tags Sweeper
    10. Time Ago
    11. Cipher
    12. Vimeo Video Embed
    13. Video Info Grabber
    14. Wikipedia Grabber
    15. URL Shortener
    16. Suggest
    17. IP Grabber
    18. Currency Converter

Why Trickster?

  • Trickster is an Laravel package that makes Laravel Fun by extending the helper functions.
  • Trickster provides extended Helper Functions a.k.a Tricks that makes coding with Laravel Fun.
  • With Trickster inside your Laravel framework, your app will become a Gambit. :-P


Installing Trickster is easy. Just type the command:

composer require secrethash/trickster

or add this line in your composer.json file:

        "secrethash/trickster": "2.*"


  • Laravel 5.3+
  • cURL
  • PHP 5.4.x


Trickster is a Laravel Package that Extends the helper functions.

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