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My current terminal setup

My current terminal setup

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Works best with...

In my current setup I'm using some themes and plugins to make the whole experience more enjoyable without adding weight to the startup.

  • iTerm configuration files for extra swag

  • Introducing Neovim support and swag

  • Uses vim-plug for plugin management on neovim

  • Node version manager

Installing Everything from Scratch

  • First log into your AppStore and download X-Code we will need this for git and other maybe important tools.
  • Now git clone the repo
$ git clone
  • Now cd into scripts
$ chmod +x
$ ./
# If you want my AppStore downloads
# They only work if you had downloaded them too before
$ ./ --mas-install
  • Sit back and enjoy

  • Note: script will only work if you have also purchased those apps so you might want to edit that part or delete it totally

  • I'm talking about all the commands that start with mas install XXXXX

  • Now cd outside of the dotfiles folder and run

$ rcup -d dotfiles -v
  • That will sync the actual dotfiles in your system and you can git pull for life and be in sync.

  • Enjoy

  • Remember to pull from time to time and in neovim run :PlugUpdate



Current: Neovim, Tmux, FishShell. Old but still there: prezto, zsh.

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