sheriferson's dotfiles

  • .tmux.conf for tmux.
  • init.vim for Neovim.
  • .Rprofile
  • .ghci
  •, functions, and theme for fish (friendly interactive shell).
  • kitty/kitty.conf for kitty terminal emulator.
  • ipython/profile_default/ for some python notebook configuration.
  • gnupg/gpg.config and gnupg/gpg-agent.config for having gpg-agent running and ready to help sign my git commits.
  • tmux-workspaces/ containing script(s) for setting up various tmux workspaces.
  • terminfo/ containing *.terminfo files to enable italics in terminal and tmux.
  • MailMate keybindings, stylesheets, layouts.


$ ./ runs a few other bash scripts that set up packages and settings in various categories:

file job Links all dotfiles to their proper locations. Clones Github repos that I want on my system. Sets hidden preferences for MacOS and a few applications.
Brewfile Lists Homebrew recipes. Installed using brew bundle.
requirements.txt Lists Python packages. Clones a few of my personal projects from Github.
rpackages.R Installs R packages.


:fish: sheriferson's dot, config, and setup files

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