Shit Cleaner (Code Cleaner)

Shit Cleaner (or Code Cleaner for Intellij IDEA plugin - they don't allow the "Shit" in their plugin's name xD) is an IDE plugin which uses Code Climate CLI to analyze your source code and display Code Smells/Duplications right in your IDE.

Shit Cleaner


You need Code Climate CLI in your machine to run the plugin. Please follow this document to install.

After installing Code Climate CLI you can download the plugin in the Jetbrains plugin store


1. Do I need Code Climate subscription to use the plugin?

No, you don't need any subscription to use the plugin, all you need is the Code Climate CLI installed in your local machine.

2. Can I use it with my private repositories?

Yes, you can use it with public/private repositories

3. Does the plugin send my source code to anywhere?

HELL NO, all processes run on your local machine only, the plugin does not send your source-code/data to anywhere.

4. How many programing languages are supported?

Currently the plugin supports: Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, TypeScript, GoLang, Swift, Scala, Kotlin and C#


PRs are welcomed to this project. If you want to improve the plugin, add functionality or improve the docs please feel free to submit a PR.


If you want to become a sponsor please let me know.

You can buy me a beer via Paypal or Patreon.

Thanks in advance!


Shit Cleaner

An Intellij IDE plugin which uses Code Climate CLI to analyze your source code on local machine and display code smells/duplications right in your IDE

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