Signalilo is our Alertmanager to Icinga2 bridge implementation. Signalilo acts on webhooks which it receives from Alertmanager and forwards the alerts in those webhooks to Icinga2 using

See for changelogs of each release version of Signalilo.

See DockerHub for pre-built Docker images of Signalilo


Signalilo gets started from the command line and takes its configuration either as options or as environment variables. Use signalilo --help to get a list of all available configuration parameters.

When started, Signalilo listens to HTTP requests on the following paths:

  • /webhook Endpoint to accept alerts from Alertmanager.
  • /healthz returns HTTP 200 with ok as its payload as long as the webhook serving loop is operational.



helm install --name signalilo appuio/signalilo



docker run --name signalilo vshn/signalilo


The Helm chart should work on OpenShift



  • --uuid/SIGNALILO_UUID: UUID which identifies the Signalilo instance.
  • --icinga_hostname/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_HOSTNAME: Name of the Servicehost in Icinga2.
  • --icinga_url/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_URL: URL of the Icinga API.
  • --icinga_username/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_USERNAME: Authentication against Icinga2 API.
  • --icinga_password/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_PASSWORD: Authentication against Icinga2 API.


  • --loglevel/SIGNALILO_LOG_LEVEL: Integer to control verbosity of logging (default: 2).
  • --icinga_insecure_tls/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_INSECURE_TLS: If true, disable strict TLS checking of Icinga2 API SSL certificate (default: false).
  • --icinga_disable_keepalives/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_DISABLE_KEEPALIVES: If true, disable http keep-alives with Icinga2 API and will only use the connection to the server for a single HTTP request (default: false).
  • --icinga_debug/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_DEBUG: If true, enable debugging mode in Icinga client (default: false).
  • --icinga_gc_interval/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_GC_INTERVAL: Interval to run Garbage collection of recovered alerts in Icinga (default 15m).
  • --icinga_heartbeat_interval/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL: Interval to send heartbeat to Icinga (default 60s).
  • --icinga_keep_for/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_KEEP_FOR: How long to keep Icinga2 services around after they transition to state OK (default 168h).
  • --icinga_ca/SIGNALILO_ICINGA_CA: A PEM string of the trusted CA certificate for the Icinga2 API certificate.
  • --alertmanager_port/SIGNALILO_ALERTMANAGER_PORT: Port on which Signalilo listens to incoming webhooks (default 8888).
  • --alertmanager_bearer_token/SIGNALILO_ALERTMANAGER_BEARER_TOKEN: Incoming webhook authentication. Can be either set via Authorization header or in the token URL query parameter.
  • --alertmanager_tls_cert/SIGNALILO_ALERTMANAGER_TLS_CERT: Path of certificate file for TLS-enabled webhook endpoint. Should contain the full chain.
  • --alertmanager_tls_key/SIGNALILO_ALERTMANAGER_TLS_KEY: Path of private key file for TLS-enabled webhook endpoint. TLS is enabled when both TLS_CERT and TLS_KEY are set.

Integration to Prometheus/Alertmanager.

The /webhook accepts alerts in the format of Alertmanager. The following Alertmanager configuration is an example taken from a Signalilo installation on OpenShift.

  resolve_timeout: 5m
  group_wait: 30s
  group_interval: 5m
  repeat_interval: 12h
  receiver: default
  - match:
      alertname: DeadMansSwitch
    repeat_interval: 5m
    receiver: deadmansswitch
- name: default
  - send_resolved: true
      bearer_token: "*****"
    url: http://signalilo.appuio-monitoring/webhook
- name: deadmansswitch

Signalilo requires a set of information to be part of an alert. Without this information, the check generated in Icinga will be lacking.

Required labels:

  • severity: Must be one of WARNING or CRITICAL.

Required annotations:

  • summary mapped to display_name.
  • description: mapped to notes.
  • message: mapped to plugin_output.

Integration with Icinga

Garbage Collection

Service objects in Icinga will get garbage collected (aka deleted) on a regular basis, following these rules:

  • Service object is in OK state
  • Last transition to OK state was more than "keep_for" ago
  • UUID of app matches "vars.bridge_uuid"

All state needed for doing garbage collection is stored in Icinga service variables.

Signalilo Heartbeat

On startup, Signalilo checks if the matching heartbeat service is available in Icinga, otherwise it exits with a fatal error. During operation, Signalilo regularly posts its state to the heartbeat service. If no state update was provided, Icinga automatically marks the check as UNKNOWN. See Icinga2 passive checks for a description of how the service object needs to be configured.

Custom Variables

All labels and annotations will be mapped to custom variables. Keys of Labels will be prefixed with label_ and keys of annotations with annotation_.

If the key an annotation or label starts with icinga_ it will also be added as custom variable but without any prefix. Since all labels and annotations will be strings, a type information needs to be provided so that a conversion can be done accordingly. This is done by adding the type as part of the prefix (icinga_<type>_). Current supported types are number and string.


  • foo -> label_foo or an anotation_foo.
  • icinga_foo_string -> label/annotation named foo with value is passed as is.
  • icinga_bar_number -> label/annotation named bar with its value is converted to an integer number.

In case there is a label and an annotation with the icinga_<type> prefix, the value of the annotation will take precedence in the resulting set of custom variables.

Heartbeat Services

Signalilo supports creating heartbeat services in Icinga. This can be used to map alerts like the DeadMansSwitch which comes with prometheus-operator and signals that the whole Prometheus stack is healthy.

In order for Signalilo to treat an alert as a heartbeat, the alert must have a label heartbeat. Signalilo will try to parse the value of that label as a Go duration.

If the value is parsed successfully, Signalilo will create a Icinga service check with active checks enabled and with the check interval set to the the parsed duration plus ten percent. We add ten percent to the parsed duration to account for network latencies etc, which could otherwise lead to flapping heartbeat checks.


Forward alerts from Prometheus Alertmanager to Icinga2 via Webhooks

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