Silk Release is the Cloud Foundry pluggable container networking solution that is used in conjunction with CF Networking Release. It provides networking via the Silk CNI plugin and enforces policy that is stored in the Policy Server.

The components in this release used to be a part of CF Networking Release. However, it is the default container networking plugin for CF Deployment. To use it, simply deploy CF Deployment.

This release contains the following jobs:

  • silk-controller
  • silk-daemon
  • silk-cni
  • netmon
  • vxlan-policy-agent
  • iptables-logger

For more information about what these jobs do, we recommend looking at the silk repo and the CF Networking Release repo.

Getting Help

For help or questions with this release or any of its submodules, you can reach the maintainers on Slack at in the #networking channel.

Known Issues

For known issues related to both silk-release and cf-networking-release you can find them here: cf-networking-release/docs/known-issues.

Silk Release

Silk - CNI plugin BOSH release for Cloud Foundry

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