an experimental CalDav Server in Golang
based on https://github.com/samedi/caldav-go


install goCal with go get:

go get -u github.com/SimonWaldherr/goCal


Before using goCal you need to check its configuration. You can manage all user-accounts in the user.csv-file. To start goCal run this in your Terminal:

goCal -port=80 -sport=443 -sslcrt="path/to/your/sslcert.crt" -sslkey="path/to/your/sslkey.key" -user="path/to/your/user.csv" -storage="path/to/the/folder/where/the/ics-files/will/be/stored"


now you can start using goCal, connect to your CalDAV-Server via https://localhost:443/ or subscribe to your ics-feed at https://localhost:443/icsfeed/ (or via webcal://localhost/).

if you use a wordpress blog, you can install ICS Calendar and show your events at your blog.


experimental #CalDAV + #WebCal Server in #Golang

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