SkidSuite 3

SkidSuite 3 is a collection of useful tools pertaining to reverse engineering of Java applications.

Table of Contents

Article Title Description
Deobfuscation Links to automatic deobfuscation tools.
Links to manual remapping tools.
Decompilation Links to decompilers. Translate bytecode to source-code.
Editing Links to bytecode editors. Used for manipulating already complied Java programs.
Obfuscation Links to obfuscators. Used to make code theft and reverse-engineering more difficult.
Android Links to tools/resources for android-focused reverse-engineering.
Relevant articles Links to varied articles/resources for Java reverse-engineering and general JVM topics.
Skidsuite2 successors Links to tools that serve the same purposes as tools I previously included in SkidSuite.

Old Archives

Older versions of SkidSuite can be found here:


If you have an informative article or useful tool please open an issue with a link or pull request with the changes to the relevant markdown files.


A collection of java reverse engineering tools and informational links

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