This repo hosts a variety of cogs (aka modules) for use with the Red Discord Bot (source / documentation). Most of them are in active development and are developed specifically for the RoyaleAPI Discord server.

While some of these cogs can theoretically be used for any Discord server, many contain codes which are 100T-specific.

If you would like to see most of these in action, you can join the RACF Discord server with this invite code:

You are welcome to log any issues in the Issues tab, or try to find me on either the RoyaleAPI Discord server or my own Discord server at

There are no extensive documentation on these cogs. However, usage for many of these commands can be found on the documentation site for the RoyaleAPI server, since these cogs were mostly written for it:

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To install a cog on your bot instance:

1. Add the repo

`[p]cog repo add SML-Cogs

[p] stands for server prefix. So if you use ! as to run bot commands, you would instead type:

!cog repo add SML-Cogs

2. Add the cog you want to installed

[p]cog install SML-Cogs deck


See for documentation.


The top-level scripts ./enable-cog and ./disable-cog were written to help with local cog development and are not needed for the end users. They were made so that cogs can maintain the folder structures expected by the Red bot while making it possible to β€œinstall” into the Red folder without using the cog install command.

In the production environment, however, you should always install the cogs as specified in the Installation section above.

Sml Cogs

Cogs for Red Discord Bot v2. Technically archived.

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