This repository is.. old. More updated code is available here (and now I've even moved chardefs there)


A very weakly typed language, meaning that every function will do something for all types of input.
For example, 05AB1E has a function u for uppercasing and Ć® for ceiling, but SOGL has one for both - U. You'll never need to uppercase a number and take the ceiling of a string, will you?
This makes the language very complex, but makes many more free characters available.
If anything, then kolmogorov-complexity is the languages strong side.

note: this language is very much in developement, and can, and probably will change a lot in the future, so if used, always keep the version number (or the last commit) the program was made for.

To run a program,

  • download the P5Parser

  • either 1)

    • in /data/p.sogl paste the code of the program
    • run the Processing sketch
  • or 2)

    • export the processing sketch
    • run it with an argument of the path to the file containing the program
  • the output will be in the file output.txt and STDOUT.

Find what each char does in here.


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