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Juice Examples

CLI for running juice examples. More examples and benchmark tests can be found at the juice examples directory.

Install CLI

DISCLAIMER: Currently both CUDA and cuDNN are required for the examples to build.

Compile and call the build.

# install rust, if you need to
curl -sSf https://static.rust-lang.org/rustup.sh | sh
# download the code
git clone [email protected]:spearow/juice.git && cd juice/juice-examples
# build the binary
cargo build --release
# and you should see the CLI help page
../target/release/juice-examples --help
# which means, you can run the examples from the juice-examples README



capnproto is a data interchange format that is used to store and load networks with weights for Juice.

capnproto and capnproto-libs plus their development packages are the ones needed from your package manager.


Getting the cuda libraries up poses to be the first road-block many users face.

To get things working one needs to set the following environment variables:

# examplary paths, unlikely to work for your local setup!
export CUDNN_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/cuda/include
export CUDNN_LIB_DIR=/opt/cuda/targets/x86_64-linux/lib/
export CUBLAS_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/cuda/include
export CUBLAS_LIB_DIR=/opt/cuda/targets/x86_64-linux/lib/

depending on your local installation setup.

The currently supported cuda version is cuda-11 (details in #114 and #115 )

Note that you need a capable nvidia device in order to run the cuda backend.


You need the apropriate loader and device libraries. Since the OpenCL backend is still WIP, this will be detailed at a later point of time.


Blas is a linear algebra used by the native backend.

openblas or blas is required to be present. Choose explicitly via BLAS_VARIANT.

By default an attempt is made to resolve the library via pkg-config.

Overriding via

# examplary paths, unlikely to work for your local setup!
export BLAS_LIB_DIR=/opt/blas/lib64/
export BLAS_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/blas/include/

is also supported.

Linkage for the blas library variant is determined by setting BLAS_STATIC to 1 or unsetting BLAS_STATIC.

ArchLinux users

ArchLinux openblas package doesn't include LAPACK symbols (see FS#66092), so if you try to use it, you'll get multiple cblas_* unresolved symbols.

Replace openblas with AUR's openblas-lapack package to fix.


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