SQL Server Geohash Functions

This repo contains SQL Server functions capable of encoding and decoding Geohashes.


Just execute the code from geohash.sql in your SQL Server database.



SELECT dbo.geohash_encode(57.64911, 10.40744, 12)
-- u4pruydqqvj8
SELECT dbo.geohash_encode(57.64911, 10.40744, 8)
-- u4pruydq


Decoding a Geohash will return a table with a single row with following columns:

  • LatL - Left Latitude
  • LatR - Right Latitude
  • LngT - Top Longitude
  • LngB - Bottom Longitude
  • LatC - Center Latitude
  • LngC - Center Longitude
  • LatError - Latitude Error
  • LngError - Longitude Error


    LatL, LatR, LngT, LngB, LatC, LngC, LatError, LngError
FROM dbo.geohash_decode('u4pruyd')
-- 57.6480103    57.6493836    10.4067994    10.4081727    57.6486970    10.4074861    0.0006867    0.0006867

Using columns from a table:

    t.Geohash, d.LatL, d.LatR, d.LngT, d.LngB, d.LatC, d.LngC, d.LatError, d.LngError
FROM MyTable t 
CROSS APPLY dbo.geohash_decode(t.Geohash) d


  • The geohash_bit, geohash_base32 and geohash_base32_index functions were implemented using nowelium's geohash-mysql-func as a reference
  • The geohash_encode and geohash_decode functions were implemented using davetroy's geohash-js as a reference

Sql Server Geohash Functions

Geohash Functions for SQL Server

Sql Server Geohash Functions Info

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