SSD1675 ePaper Display Driver

Rust driver for the Solomon Systech SSD1675 e-Paper display (EPD) controller, for use with embedded-hal.

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Photo of Inky pHAT ePaper display on Raspberry Pi Zero W


This driver is intended to work on embedded platforms using the embedded-hal trait library. It is no_std compatible, builds on stable Rust, and only uses safe Rust. It supports the 4-wire SPI interface.

Tested Devices

The library has been tested and confirmed working on these devices:

  • Red/Black/White Inky pHAT version 2 on Raspberry Pi Zero (pictured above)


Note: To build the examples the examples feature needs to be enabled. E.g.

cargo build --release --examples --features examples

Raspberry Pi with Inky pHAT

The Raspberry Pi Inky pHAT example, shows how to display information on an Inky pHAT using this crate. The photo at the top of the page shows this example in action. To avoid the need to compile on the Raspberry Pi itself I recommend cross-compiling with the cross tool. With cross installed build the example as follows:

cross build --target=arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi --release --example raspberry_pi_inky_phat --features examples

After it is built copy target/arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi/release/examples/raspberry_pi_inky_phat to the Raspberry Pi.



ssd1675 is dual licenced under:


Rust driver for SSD1675 e-Paper display controller

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