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Steam Sky is an open source roguelike with a steampunk setting. You are the commander of a flying ship, as leader you will be traveling across floating bases, engaging in combat, trading goods etc. There is no mandatory ending to the game, you may freely play until your character dies. The game is currently in constant development, but is in a playable state. Steam Sky is available for Linux and Windows 64 bit platforms.

Game versions

There are currently 2 versions of the game:

  • 5.0.x: "stable" version of game. This version will receive bug fixes but no new features. Source code for this version is in the 5.0 branch.
  • 5.x: "development" version of game, future version 6.0. This is where game feature updates happen. Due to new features, save compatibility will typically break between releases. Use this version at your own risk. Source code for this version is in the master branch. This version.

Build game from sources

To build(works on Linux and Windows too) you need:

  • compiler - GCC with enabled Ada support or (best option) GNAT from:

    It is recommended that you use GNAT GPL 2019 to compile the game on Linux. Game does not work with old compilers (like GCC 4.9) since it lacks full support for Ada 2012

  • XmlAda - if you use GNAT from AdaCore it is included in package. In other situation, you may need to download it from:

  • Tcl/Tk library. Should be available in every Linux distribution. For Windows it is recommended to use MagicSplat version:

  • TASHY library with included binding to Tk and TkLib. You can get it from:

    Important: To build this version of Steam Sky you will need the 8.6.9 version of the library or above. Earlier versions will not work due to lack of some bindings.

If you have all the required packages, navigate to the main directory(where this file is) to compile:

  • Easiest way to compile game is use Gnat Programming Studio included in GNAT. Just run GPS, select steamsky.gpr as a project file and select the option Build All.

  • If you prefer using console: In the main source code directory type gprbuild for debug mode build or for release mode: gprbuild -XMode=release. If you have installed Bob you can type bob debug for build in debug mode or bob release to prepare release for the program. If you want to only build release version of the game, use only gprbuild -XMode=release command.

Build unit tests

Navigate to tests/driver directory from the main directory (where this file is):

  • From console: type gprbuild -P test_driver.gpr

Or if you have Bob installed, type bob tests 1. It will also run tests once.

Generating code documentation

To generate (or regenerate) code documentation, you need ROBODoc. If you have it, in main program directory (where this file is) enter terminal command: others/generatedocs.tcl. For more information about this script, please look here. This version of script have set all default settings for Hunter code. If you have Bob installed, you can type bob docs.

Running Steam Sky


If you use the AppImage version, you don't need any additional libraries. Just run it as any AppImage file. For more information about AppImage file usage, see:

When you trying to run builds generated by yourself, use binary file steamsky in bin directory.


If you compiled the game or downloaded the binaries just clicking on steamsky.exe in the bin directory should run it.

Libraries needed to run the game

Additionally, the game requires a few more libraries to run:

  • TkLib. Included in MagicSplat version for Windows, on Linux should be available in all mayor distributions.

  • Tk extension tksvg. You can get it from:

Starting parameters

You can specify the game directories through command-line parameters. Possible options are:

  • --datadir=[directory] This is where the game data files are kept. Example: ./steamsky --datadir=/home/user/game/tmp. Default value is data/

  • --savedir=[directory] This is where savegames and logs are kept. The Game must have write permission to this directory. Example: ./steamsky --savedir=/home/user/.saves. Default value is data/saves/

  • --docdir=[directory] This is where the game documentation is. Example ./steamsky --docdir=/usr/share/steamsky/doc. Default value is doc/.

  • --modsdir=[directory] This is where mods are loaded from. Example:./steamsky --modsdir=/home/user/.mods. Default value is data/mods/

  • --themesdir=[directory] This is where custom themes are loaded from. Example: ./steamsky --themesdir=/home/user/.mods. Default value is data/themes/

Of course, you can set all the parameters at once: ./steamsky --datadir=somedir/ --savedir=otherdir/ --docdir=anotherdir/

Paths to directories can be absolute or relative where file steamsky is. For Windows, use steamsky.exe instead ./steamsky. If you use AppImage version of the game, you can also use all of this starting parameters.

Testing versions

Here are available testing versions of the game. You can find them in Actions. Just select option from the list of results to see Artifacts list. To use them, first you must download normal release. Then, for Linux: inside directory where the game is, type ./steamsky-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-extract to extract whole game to directory squashfs-root. And then move files from the archive to the proper location. To run that version, enter squashfs-root directory and type in console ./AppRun. For Windows: unzip files (replace existing) to the proper location where the game is installed.

  • steamsky-development-windows.tar contains Windows 64-bit version of the game.

  • steamsky-development-linux.tar contains Linux 64-bit version of the game.

Size is a file's size after unpacking. You will download it compressed with Zip.

Modding Support

For detailed information about modifying various game elements or debugging game, see

Contributing to project

For detailed information about contributing to the project (bug reporting, ideas propositions, code conduct, etc), see


The game is made available under the GPLv3 license.

The XmlAda library distributed with the game are also under the GPLv3 license.

The Tashy library distributed with the game is under GPLv2 license with the linking exception.

Tcl/Tk, Tklib and Tksvg libraries distributed with the game are under BSD-like license.

The Licensing for the fonts distributed with the game is as follows:

The changelog and a copy of the GPLv3 license can be found in the doc directory.

That's all for now, as usual, I have probably forgotten about something important ;)

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Roguelike in sky with a steampunk setting

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