Introducing a web development accelerator built on Laravel

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Create new projects or manipulate existing projects... ...everything you build is instantly available in the CLI Share and reuse packs with the community


Stimpack is currently in early development stage so don't let your scope of contribution be restricted i any way. For example if you have a great idea for a new skeleton structure for the whole code base please let us know through a pull requests, another branch, a photo of a sketch on a napkin. Everything is appriciated!


composer global require consolidation/cgr
cgr stimpack-io/stimpack

Quick start

cd /path/to/Code
stimpack park

Navigate to http://stimpack.test (requires Laravel valet or similar setup).

Development installation

    git clone [email protected]:stimpack-io/stimpack.git stimpack-dev
    cd stimpack-dev
    composer install
    cp .env.example .env
    # possilby install stimpack-io/data
    # get github tokens from ajthinking if needed
    php artisan key:generate
    cd .. && ./stimpack-dev park
    npm install
    npm run watch


Stimpack - Make laravel projects faster than a jacked-up super human!

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