Streets mod 2.0

Released on 21st of February 2017

Streets 2.0 is not fully backwards-compatible to streets 1.x!

NOTE: This mod depends on the ts_workshop mod.

To improve loading time and reduce the number of registered nodes, this mod only registers stairsplus nodes for very basic roadmarkings. If you want to have all possible nodes registered, you can set the setting streets.only_basic_stairsplus to false in minetest.conf.

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  • webdesigner97
  • cheapie
  • Thomas-S
  • HybridDog (for streets_matrix_screen submod)
  • philipbenr (for some textures taken from Streets 1.x)
  • Ryan-Nolan (for some Minetest-style signs)
  • Ragnarok AKA Vibender, (for the textures of the infrastructure mod)
    • streets_rrgate_*.png (partially modified)
    • streets_rrxing_*.png (partially modified)
    • streets_lanuse_*.png (partially modified)


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MIT License


CC-BY-SA 3.0

License File

See the file LICENSE for more details.


Urban roadbuilding for Minetest! A collaborative mod by webD97, cheapie and Thomas-S

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